Improve the security skills of your staff

We offer comprehensive cyber security training for your organization with 12 years of experience. Trainings can be held at our office, your location or remotely. Below, you can find examples of ready made training packages. We also offer completely customized training to suit your exact needs. Contact us for more information!



for everyone


In the USB security training, participants gain a comprehensive understanding about various USB security risks and prevention methods to minimize the damages of USB attacks. The training also enables participants to detect USB-based attacks efficiently.

Targeted attacks

for everyone


In the targeted attacks training, participants gain an understanding on how targeted attacks operate, what methods the attackers use, targeted attacks and trends around the world and how to prevent and detect targeted attacks.

Why forensic investigation is important?

for leaders


The training involves taking a look at how to teach your staff to recognize when forensic investigation is needed and what damage can occur if investigation is not carried out. Forensic investigation is explored for example through the use of case studies.

How leaked data can be used against your organization and how to protect yourself?

for everyone


The training teaches how administrational staff in the organization can act to prevent data leaks or breaches, why it is important to pay attention to cyber security and how you can improve your organizations cyber security posture.

Basics of forensics 2 days

for technical staff


The training teaches your organizations technical staff how to perform forensics in a way that does not endanger possible further investigation of machines. After the training, your technical staff will also be able to evaluate if there is a need for further investigation.

Train your staff for secure remote work

for leaders


The training involves taking a look at how staff members have to think about cyber security during remote work, what the most common security risks in remote work are and how they can be mitigated.

Supply chain attacks, detecting them and prevention methods

for leaders and technical staff


The training involves going through the security risks associated with supply chains and how these risks can be prevented and detected. After the training, your staff will be better equipped to detect both software and hardware based risks and have the knowledge to observe threats efficiently.

All of the training programs are available as organization specific ones at your location or remotely.
The price of the training includes coffee and drinks for the day, food and the training material that you can keep.
Invoicing is after the training, payment term is 14 days net. All prices are VAT 0%.

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