The Sentry is a service that is designed to detect targeted attacks. When a targeted attack successfully breaches an organization, it is extremely important to be able to detect it is quickly as possible and thus prevent greater damage. The service includes the Sentry software installed on workstations, which finds targeted attacks and more traditional bulk malware.
When the software flags something as suspicious, the suspicious machine code is sent to our experts for manual analysis to find out what the program does. We do not rely solely on automation, like many competing products.

The Sentry is a full service that also includes all the necessary clean-up work that is required after finding a malware infection. Forensic investigation and malware analysis is always performed to ensure that we can find out, for example, what the program has tried to steal. Forensic investigation will also reveal how the malware has entered your network. The customer is always notified of any findings.

The Sentry service is especially suitable for large or government organizations that handle sensitive information in their environment. The service has been on the market since 2013 and it is continuously being improved with the help of our customers.


The operation of the Sentry service is based on the Sentry client installed on workstations. The client monitors all programs and modules loaded into memory on the workstation. When an unknown program or module is detected, a binary copy is sent to the Sentry server for analysis. The Sentry client also monitors the use of powershell on the workstation and if needed, running powershell can be disabled completely.


The sentry software is installed on Windows workstations or servers.
The software supports all 32 and 64-bit Windows systems from XP onwards.


We find out if your system has suspicious behaviour.
Targeted attacks and bulk malware will be detected.


When something suspicious is found, we alert you immediately.
The service includes all the necessary cleanup work that is required after a malware infection.

Sending machine code

The Sentry client only sends machine code from detections to the server. Documents or emails etc. are not sent under any circumstance.


You receive a monthly report from the Sentry service. If something malicious or suspicious is found, we notify you immediately.

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All data related to producing the Sentry service stays in Finland with Fitsec.

Service Options

One-time scan

We perform a one-time scan of your systems to find malicious programs and other signs of suspicious activity.
A one-time scan is ideal to do for example once every year.

Continuous monitoring

We monitor the security of your systems with continuous scanning.
The Sentry client also performs a daily scan for malicious programs in memory.



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Starting the service

We deliver the sentry software installer so that you can install the service on all required systems.

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